Karaoke DJ & Nightclub DJ Charlotte, NC

Karaoke DJ

Big Pop Productions provides expert DJ, Emcee and music entertainment for your nightclub or restaurant! Sing along with us and let us host regular Karaoke nights which encourages repeat customers!

Restaurant DJ

Our unique and fun DJ and Emcee personality will create a very memorable music and entertainment experience for your restaurant or business! We bring crowd-pleasing fun, laughs, trivia games and more, all with the goal of creating a very positive environment for you patrons!

Dance Party DJ

Let us DJ and Emcee your dance party or special event! We are Charlotte's premier DJ entertainment company and provide a unique and fun experience that is sure to bring laughs, memories and good times to your guests and customers!

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Professional Celebrity DJ & Party Host

Big Pop Productions provides crowd-pleasing fun for your family and friends, for events and parties of all types in the Charlotte, NC area!

We are motivated by our love of music and have a passion to entertain people with our unique style, humor and sincerity!

  • Kids Parties & Pool Parties
  • Corporate Events and Grand Openings
  • Fundraisers & Religious Events
  • Live Events
  • Dance & Karaoke
  • Sporting Events & Schools
  • Reunions & Family Gatherings
  • Private House Parties
  • Big Pop Trivia!

Big Pop Productions

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